Yucwood, a perfect brand to put back awareness into your home!

Hi my name is Tim, welcome to my shop. I am a engaged, lefty, from the Netherlands. I am passionate about wood making and unique handmade wooden items. I found my creative passion at an early age. I was always drawing, or building things in my childhood. Working with wood is meditative to me, it allows me to find my zen and tune the rest of the world out.

2 years ago I was creating a desk lamp with my father it was so satisfying. Right after I made the first, I made another. This continued for awhile, it felt so good while letting my creative energy flow. Soon I was selling my lighting designs at a local shop. Shortly after that I decided to share my craft with the world. That was the beginning of Yucwood.

I find my inspiration at yardsales, nature walks, the bicycle company I work for, and industrial buildings. To me detail is very important in my products I love to give my craft my full attention when I’m working. I hope people gain as much joy from my products as I gain from making them.

Thank you for looking at my shop!

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